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With our rapid response on-site computer repair service, we can fix your computer right in your home or office! You can also bring your computer to our store where we offer flat-rate computer repairs! We can even pick up your computer, repair it, and bring it back to you; whatever is most convenient for you!

Computer repairs

Having Computer Problems? Sick and tired of trying to find someone reliable to fix your home or gaming computer problems quickly & professionally? Look no further, Catchie Systems provides professional Computer/Laptop solutions! We provide Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Spyware Removal, PC Repair, Laptop Repair, Upgrades, Technical Support & Much much more.

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9628 109 AVE NW, Edmonton, TH5 1C8.

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At some time almost every business finds themselves in need of professional assistance when it comes to their computer equipment and software. With so many companies offering computer repair, data recovery and other computer related services it can seem like a daunting task to find a computer service provider who can be trusted to properly manage the businesses technology assets and to keep the computer systems up and running correctly so that everyone can remain fully productive.

Unlike many professions such as law or medicine, there is no state or federal license required to practice computer service work. Virtually anyone at all can hang out their proverbial shingle, advertise, put up a flash web site and claim to be an expert. Without being an expert in the computer service field oneself it can be extremely difficult to spot the difference between a good computer repair technician who will know the solutions to computer issues that you are faced with and someone who is planning to try to figure things out as they go. For this reason, when preparing to hire a consultant to maintain and support your computer hardware and software it is of the utmost importance to know the different industry certifications and actually verify that the computer technician has them, this is the reason why catchie systems is the best among them.